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New positions and interviews


We’ve just hired someone for a new position with our development team. It’s what I’d call a human interface design position. But it’s more than that. Anyway, Richard Zabilski applied for a totally different position in a new area of our business and we got talking and next thing I offered him a position I created more or less on the spot. I cannot imagine why it’s taken me 24 years to work out that it’s the look and feel more than just about anything else. Richard’s website is what won me. See it here.
This leads me to the interview process. You always find nuggets of gold a bit to the left or right of what you are looking for and need and the temptation to hire is strong even if unjustified.

We’ve just advertised a new position for our Brisbane office so the interview process starts again. This time we have 7 interview candidates and if they’re doing their homework on us they’ll read this entry and mention it in the interview on Thursday. (17/2) Let’s call it a challenge. They’re a diverse bunch of people with a couple in the mix because of the out of the norm experience they can bring to our team.

Our failure rate on new hires is about 15%. I don’t know if this is good or bad. I’m not happy with it because of the stress on the new hire when you say, after some time, we’re not a good match. Also there is the upheaval of the workplace and the cost. But every time we learn something.

This Brisbane position is interesting and says something about speed. We placed the ad at 5.30 am today (15/2) and will interview in 2 days time. Today we received over 30 applications.

I guess it proves the early bird/worm theory.

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