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My last post


So in my last post, two weeks ago, I planted a seed to see if the candidates I was interviewing the next day would read our blog entries.

They did.

Each canidate came along with knowledge about the company gleaned from the blog. They had all done their homework and this renewed my faith in the interview process.

As usual there were several candidates worthy of employment and it’s personally disappointing that one has to say no to some. But, hey, it’s life.

We’ve hired a guy called Luke La. Luke starts in a week’s time. He’ll be working out of our Brisbane office after the usual training we crunch people through in our Head Office. Luke’s got a great skill set and a personality ideal for our business. Plus he has knowledge which will add to our own knowledge base.

I have to tell you about the interviews though. The hotel didn’t have a spare function room so we met in the bar. Hmmm. Tempting. But there was a fly in the room with myself and each of the candidates and it chose the most annoying time to land and itch. Made for some hand swipes – but all to no avail.

Tomorrow watch out for my first post in the 30 day series – MIDNIGHT AT THE OASIS.

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