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Traces of romance in our heads


So here’s the thing, you either like what you do or you don’t. If you don’t like it, stop. Stop before you hurt yourself or someone else.

A basic philosophy I hear you say.

True though.

Work is like romance. You can only fake enjoyment for so long before the smart people catch you out. So I you don’t enjoy it find something you do, or sort out what it is you have to do to make it enjoyable.

And traces of romance in our heads.

Work has to be about romance in some respects. If it’s not then you go about your day running hot and cold and soon you’re all a mess. Maybe that’s why people have work personalities and home personalities. Seems to me that one or the other misses out because they’re not getting the real you, the alive you, the nice one as some might call it.

And traces of romance in our heads.

What is it with that line? It swirls around in my head whenever I think about this song and when I think about business. Romance and business? Maybe if you sell roses or chocolates or diamond rings. But other businesses? Romance? Like in a supermarket or a call centre in India or cleaning rooms in a hotel? Heading down that road, of romance, and chasing the thought of a business connection you soon reach the question of whether you love your work.

Do you?

Is there a trace of romance in your head … about your work?

The answer would most likely be based on who asks the question and who is around and your level in the business. Only you know. Deep inside. Only you know if you’re romantic toward your job.

You and your customers. Your customers can see and sense traces of romance in your head.

Not the fake romance of seductive ooohhs and aaahhs timed right to give off the impression of ‘romance’, no, the real thing. A real love of your work, your job, your career and much of what goes with it.

This is where Midnight at the Oasis kicks in for me as a business metaphor even though the lyric is a bit challenging in a business sense.

To me, it’s about romance and allowing yourself to feel romantic about because, let’s face it, it’s not the “done thing” to like your job in many places.

This Oasis thing I’m writing about is all about that. Finding romance, embracing it and giving it off so others see it in you and walk away with some of it in their hearts.

I first found it at a hotel in San Francisco. I’ve traveled a bit and had become jaded about the fake smiles at reception desks and the “have a nice day” mantra. I never was one for conveyer belt business and hotels have become expert at that. But this hotel was different. I was surprised to find my guard of cynicism penetrated by the feelings conveyed by all the staff I encountered. I felt that I mattered to them,. Really mattered. Not because they were told to give that feeling off but I did matter. I sensed that they genuinely felt it.

This was the first time I felt it and I thought of the lyric…

And traces of romance in our heads.

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