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Send your camel to bed



I’d been in the hotel for half a day before I realised how exceptional it was but didn’t really think that much about it until I got to the next hotel and was treated with the assembly line exceptional customer service. You know the kind I mean, customer service on auto pilot. All the right words, the smile, the attention … without the feeling, without the belief.

This second hotel was mediocre compared to the first. But it was a ***** hotel, rated as one of the best in that city. Usually I would have rated it highly as well, except for the experience the day before. But it was only awful because the first was so exceptional.

That experience was exceptional beyond expectation. It was memorable. I knew it would be with me as a memory forever. And that would take me back there, almost regardless of cost. And it made what was good mediocre.

So I wondered how it happened, what made their hotel better than the standard? What is it that made it, for me, an oasis?

It was simple really. The people working in the hotel liked their job. They felt wanted. They were appreciated financially. They had a future. And that showed in their relationships with their guests. And as I guest I felt it. This was no normal hotel – all because of a philosophy of a friendly workplace leading to friendly guest relationships leading to an amazing guest experience … and doing all that in such a way as to not feel like manufactured good feelings for guests as in on a production line.

If you travel a bit and put in long hours a great hotel is an oasis. It’s the perfect home away from home. This hotel in San Francisco was the perfect oasis. It was also the perfect business lesson. Here was this huge business providing exceptional personal service so many of us in business only dreamed of. The lesson was clear, what they were doing was better than any business strategy I had seen.

This is what I was thinking of the first night in the second hotel – how great the first one was compared to this one given that I used to think this second hotel was pretty good and what that meant for my business. There was a message for my company here.

Next thing you know I was asleep.

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By Mark