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Cactus is our friend



Here’s what it means for the employer / employee relationship, this Oasis thing. If you’re serious that it because this thing is not for the feint hearted. Oasis is not a business philosophy you can latch on to and spruik without living it. If you try that you’ll get sprung by the people who matter most, the people who will deliver oasis benefits for your – your employees.

So, I’ve created some ground rules, guidelines if you will, which I see as at the heart of this Oasis thing:

Wherever possible empower employees. Let them make decisions. Let them know that they have authority and are accountable.

Within the guidelines of their position of course.

Demonstrate trust and if you feel you cannot, provide training and counseling so that once day you can.

Let them, as much as possible and as much as practical, make decisions about their hours.

Let them create the work space most suited to their needs.

Let them personalise their work space.

When I say them I don’t mean it as if its us and them because that is NOT how I see it. I’m not a boss. Never have been. Don’t like the thought. Yes I want to work for myself. But I’m not separated from employees, not in a class way. So it’s not really us and them.

Provide good amenities. Good coffee and tea. Decent biscuits – the sort you’d have at home.

Throw lunch every month or so.

Celebrate birthdays.

Go out to dinner – on the company.

And let the team make suggestions as well – the more they are in control of the workplace and its comfort the more they will enjoy.

The office, shop or factory floor, has to be an oasis. And every work environment provides opportunities for doing this. For example, if you have people on the road, give them a good phone and a decent car so that they get some enjoyment from their work. Bragging rights are worth their eight in gold if you genuinely listen to their needs and provide what you’d want for yourself.

The more the team have control the more they will regulate each other and act as proprietors of their patch and this is where exceptional customer service begins.

So, the oasis philosophy begins at home and it’s between the employer and employee. If you get that right the rest is easy. Getting it right will take a while and you’ll only know if your employees let you know. They have to judge whether you’re got it right or not.

I appreciate it might seem a difficult notion for some to embrace – this employee power thing. Try it. They’ll show you the way.

Come on, Cactus is our friend
He’ll point out the way
Come on, ’til the evenin’ ends
‘Til the evenin’ ends

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