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The Oasis strategy is all about providing shelter, comfort and magnetic memories of a service, a contact, a job, a phone call … any form of person to person contact.

If you achieve what I’s call Oasis status in the recipient’s mnind then I’d suggest you’re backing a winner. Repeat business. Recommendations. Good old WOMword of mouth.

I look at all employees in my businesses as transient. I hope it works out otherwise and that they stay for many years (because they want to). But one has to recognise that people are always on the look out for better opportunities (inside and outside work) and they eventually move on. This knowledge drives me to provide opportunities for their development and for their enjoyment at work.

So a practical way of pursuing Oasis like employment relationships comes from offering employees professional training. This week we have two of our team members commencing external courses which will make them more valuable to my company and more saleable to the next employer. More coming soon. And these courses aren’t cheap – $1,500 a pop. Gee a few years back we even provided singing lessons for some team members!

There was a time I’d just say no to such courses. However, once I saw the light and wanted to provide the best possible working situation/conditions the decisions became easy. This is why we sent our entire programming team to the U.S. last year and will do the same again this year. Professional development proves a commitment to within and this helps them team make judgements about how to best serve the company outside.

It’s a huge playground of swings and round-a-bouts and while I dislike that phrase (a client used it in the year I started the company promising if I did this he would do that – that never eventuated…my first lesson in business trust which I have had to un learn since)it works in this instance. I create an Oasis for my team and they are more likely to create an Oasis for customers.

Natural human behaviour I’d suggest.

If you’ve entered this blog on today’s entry you need to go back 5 days. It’s a series you see.

What we are creating is the most exceptional customer experience in a call centre, IT sales situation and in our retail business – a newsagency. And we’re doing this because it is right. We get more out of it than our customers.

I’d doing the blog out of discipline to push this “thing” deeper into myself because it’s not something to read about and do by rote. This, if you get it, exists in every cell of your being and your business.

And it all surfaced because of Maria Muldaur.

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