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ArchiveMarch 11, 2005

Our view of just about everything we encounter in life is based on prejudices, ingrained views.

Surface beauty counts for more than inner beauty.

Muscle on the sporting field gains more attention than tactical strength.

Financial profit gets the headlines rather than emotional profit.

Older people are grumpier than young people.

Younger people are more likely to steal from you.

Women working in a shop tend to talk more and therefore get less work done.
See what I mean? We have all sorts of prejudices which determine how we approach tasks, even every day tasks.

We have to put these preconceived notions aside if we’re to gain and at the same time provide a near perfect experience. We have to interact with people in ignorance of the prejudices which have been injected into us since we were kids. We have to unlearn our prejudices in order for us to be more successful in our business and life endeavors.

Let me personalise this. In my software company we take hundreds of calls every day. Our best support people, those most enjoyed by our clients, are those who treat the caller as a friend, someone they want to genuinely help. These people look at the horizon and not the next step they are about to take. They want a call they get something from – so it’s not all one way.

We need to banish prejudices from our systems about the type of people we serve, their honesty, their values and their interests. Ignore those things and deal with them as people like you. Make them your friends. Genuinely care about them. And express this in personal ways. Don’t be afraid of that.

The result will be a relationship far more valuable to your business than you could imagine.

The ideal interaction is based around a leap of faith and I mean LEAP. Being brave and bold and providing an experience unexpected in your line of business. An experience which the customer loves and which you are proud to have provided.

This is the heart of the one on one point of the Oasis strategy.

Let’s slip off to a sand dune, real soon
And kick up a little dust