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Skip the menu tonight



I went out for dinner last night to a pretty nice restaurant in Melbourne, one I’ve had the fortune to visit several times in the last month. They’ve got to know me and always provide excellent service.

Last night they suggested we don’t order from the menu because the chef – an award winning master of his field – wanted to visit our table and offer a special meal just for us.

The chef visited our table said as a mark of appreciation for our support of the restaurant recently they wanted to create a special four course dinner for us. He told us the key elements: salmon, crayfish, venison and pork and offered no more detail than that. We had no idea what to expect but accepted the offer.

The meal was wonderful, each course a delighting our taste buds. Then, dessert, another wonderful experience. The meal is one of the best I have ever had.

It was an experience which I will remember and talk about for years to come as it was unlike any other dining experience. Here is this master chef wanting to show his appreciation for loyalty and he did it using his considerable talents. The result is that we felt their appreciation and became even stronger supporters of their business. A perfect win win.

His staff were part of the process and provided even better service than usual, and they got as much a kick out of what he created as the four diners at the table did.

We were still charged for the meal so there was no deal on price – and we didn’t expect one.

The experience reminded me that exceptional service in more important than discounting in building loyalty. .

In our businesses we should focus more on the experience we provide and worry less about how we can position our offering to beat the price of others.

Last night was an Oasis experience. We were carried away from the usual restaurant evening to a very special place.

It’s been a weekend of that … but more on that tomorrow.

But you won’t need no harem, honey
When I’m by your side
And you won’t need no camel, no no
When I take you for a ride

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