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I picked up a new car for one of the employees at the weekend and in addition to the usual smooth hand over they gave me a bunch of flowers, a voucher for an $850 photographic session (I agree – why???) and tickets to a couple of pretty special events and they asked what else they could do.

This was on top of excellent pricing and some freebies thrown in for the vehicle.

Oh, and they threw in regular washes (as many as I want) for life.

I’ve bought many cars over the years and never had such an exceptional experience. It was enough to make me want to go back there again. And, of course, I will eventually.

This was not what I’d call a luxury car and their margin would not have been anything special so why all the treatment? It’s part of their culture – part of what they train all new employees on when they join the business.

And that’s the special bit – every employee I came in contact with treated me as if they really did appreciate my business. Not because they were playing a role but it was truly like they believed it. Amazing. Now, maybe I am gullible. Maybe not. I’d like to think I know when someone is genuine or not. I’d say these people were genuine.

I almost want to buy the same car at another dealership to see if it is a brand thing or unique to this dealership.

For me all contact with the dealership was an Oasis experience, memorable and something I’ll talk to others about. It was beyond what yould expect for this type of business. It’s a reason they will do considerably better than others. What I will talk about is how the treated me, not the price or the freebies, but their personal treatment.

When I see the flowers they remind me of the saying “wake up and smell the flowers”. We need to wake up and see that others are getting this customer service experience right and their businesses are booming as a result.

What they are doing I want to do even better in my business.

Midnight at the oasis
Send your camel to bed
Got shadows paintin’ our faces
And traces of romance in our heads

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By Mark