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As one who has been in the same business and in the same role for 24 years, I know something of the risk of getting stale. While I’ve matured in the position (immeasurably!), it’s been the outside professional activities which have made the company building work enjoyable and achievable.

My first big chill out was spending 1998/99 in New York on completely unrelated work (while maintaining a daily online link back home). It’s the creative writing projects which have given me the best perspective of the outside world and drive our growth.

Rather than write about them I’ll let you research for yourself: and They allow we to chill and enjoy work more and that’s central to what we are trying to do with the Oasis project – provide people with opportunities necessary so they enjoy work more. Not because we want more blood but because it’s a key part of live and there’s no point going to work every day if you don’t enjoy it.

Now, within the business a few of us are working on a new project and it’s providing tremendous excitement and many challenges. This is the first time one of my side projects has developed into involving more than one other in the company and it’s exciting.

Whether we get the new project up and create a new business or not is not the point, the point is to extend ourselves and have fun in a completely fresh sand pit while keeping focused on our core business.

Midnight at the Oasis
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