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Having fun



In Melbourne (Victoria, Australia) where our Head Office is and where this business started, Aussie rules footy is THE game. If you’re not into footy, watercooler chats in any office can get boring and you can soon be on the outer. So even the most unlikely of people become ‘experts’. Like me. (Carn the Blues)

This game as a rich history as this article shows.

The AFL has succeeded in taking the game beyond its traditional one state home of 100+ years made are well on the way to making it a national game. It’s the most popular spectator game of the major codes in Australia. Their growth is a business lesson in itself.

In our business though AFL games are something to have fun with. Well, sort of fun.

We run a weekly tipping competition through the season and the person with the most points wins A$300. There are other prizes too. It’s all company funded. Plus it’s open to anyone who wants to join outside the business.

Our objective is to have fun and have something non work related to engage with. It adds something to the work environment and something to our relationship with the customers who join in and this is something we are very interested in – playing with the traditional business models and creating an environment which is more enjoyable and valuable for everyone.

Given that most of our clients are in places we do not get to each year, links such as the footy tipping contest and other non tactile or personal contacts are crucial to building and maintaining the community which is our client base. It’s a key element of our success in business. Plus it’s an example of our Oasis strategy of creating a relationship our customers enjoy and want more from and of.

If you want to join the footy tipping contest email We post the results online.

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