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Imitation leads to failure


Software companies have an ethical and commercial obligation to not only create valuable software but to drive its appropriate and valuable use.

We must encourage, lead and even force our user community to extract every cent of value from the investment. See what we do here. This means rolling up the sleeves and working along side the users so that they understand the software tools and use them at full throttle. We have to ensure that our software provides the right structure and internal systems which genuinely help our clients compete.

In independent retailers and small businesses, too often software is used at the minimum level. The independent retailers lose and software companies lose because a user who does achieve the potential of a system is not a good reference site. It is our obligation to force deeper use of the software.

My view is that if your software company is in the small business / independent retailer space you need to believe in the mission and share the road of the mission every day. We have to help our small business clients compete with Wal-Mart, Woolworths, K-Mart, Staples, Office Depot, Officeworks, Coler-Myer and the other national chain brands hell bent on putting our clients out of business. It bothers me when I hear of Microsoft entering the small business space. Microsoft does not have the capacity to walk in the shoes of small business to create useful solutions and strategies to support them.

As a small businesses ourselves we have learnt that one does not compete with big business by imitating. So, we don’t build big business imitation tools into our software.

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By Mark