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Service Fatigue


Don’t you sometimes want to go into a shop, browse and leave without being asked if you need assistance or being told of some special offer? I know I do. I crave being left alone in retail situations. No, I don’t need help! That’s what the loom on my face screams if someone asks sometimes. I suffer from being over serviced and drop out of shopping on days that happens.

Businesses large and small have their troops on the shop floor asking customers if they ant to be helped. All customers. When in fact they should train employees to read customers and only approach if they look like they could use some help.

In one shop recently I was stalked throughout the shop until I left frustrated because I wanted to make a purchase but refused to give the employee (stalker) the gratification of a sale and a notch on her belt. I reckon it’s one reason men are enjoying the online experience more than women – they like not being over serviced.

I think service fatigue is real as is advertising fatigue and loyalty fatigue covered in the previous two entries. Someone does something. It’s reported in the media and the world follows rather than creating their own original approach.

Give me a different experience and I’m yours.

The customer service experience has to be intuitive, personal and memorable. So memorable that you tell others. Easier said than done but it must be your goal. This is where small business can excel.

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By Mark