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Moneyball – a baseball book for business


I’m not a fan of business books, they tend to take too many words to get across the simplest of messages. I think we tend of have answers ourselves if only we looked at our businesses and ourselves.

I’ve just read Moneyball: The Art of Winning and Unfair Game by Michael Lewis. This book about the Oakland As baseball team was consistently outspent 3:1 by opponent teams on players yet seemingly effortlessly outperformed these opponents on the field.

This is a must read business book. It shows the value of breaking the rules and understanding that what looks good is not always good for you. It teaches something about the inefficiencies we too often take for granted.

Reading Moneyball makes you go back into your business and challenge conventional wisdom. It tells us to base decisions on cold hard facts and not what looks good or is the way things have always been done. Moneyball shows how a baseball team got businesslike and taught their competitors a lesson.

Lewis has written book about baseball which is accessible to those who know little about the game. I am sure many faculties will add it to required reading lists.

There is an Oakland As opportunity waiting for most of us in our businesses.

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By Mark