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Microsoft no longer a partner


I feel as if I have let myself and my team here down by not being aware that Microsoft was entering our patch as a supplier. I had no idea they were entering the small business accounting space until I read it a couple of days ago.

I’ve written a fair bit about independent retailers and the daily battle they wage with the national chains and ignored the threat this hungry giant poses to my business and others like mine.

While I am confident that customer focussed independent software companies like mine will continue to thrive, it appalls me that Microsoft with their ability to bundle products and mass market like no other will enter a well served space.

My company has spent tens of thousands on Microsoft product. We experience their version of customer service regularly. It’s poor. We experience their software every minute of every day. I’d rate it barely 5 out of 10. Yet they are the giant. Their size makes them lazy and complacent.

Small business computer users need to purchase from small business specialist software companies. They need to support their small business community. By ignoring the new Microsoft offering small business owners have an opportunity to register how mad they are at the national chains trying to take over the world.

Microsoft ought to back off.

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By Mark