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Citizen power


Further to my post yesterday, there are plenty writing about citizen journalism, citizen media and the empowerment delivered through the ME age of the Net. (Of course, the Net was alwasy about ME but nore more than ever with the consumer power it is delivering through blogging, podcasting and the like.) Jay Rosen is a particularly interesting commentator on these and related topics as is Dan Gillmor. One terlm I like describing the move to consumer provided content is we-dia from Jim Treacher.

Each of these commentators is interesting because they and many of those linked to on their blogs are discussing the movement to a more local, consumer generated and driven media model. People are writing about and reading what they want and not what is aggregated and blended in an office far far away. This augurs well for the independent retailer. The writings of these commentators and the success stories some of their blog entries record show that local is in vogue.

That’s our turf – independent small retailers.

Where we have worked for many years to provide tools to help independent retailers compete with the giants, we need to keep focus on helping them succeed locally. This means helping them better engage with their local communities and thereby underscoring their point of difference over the giant chains.

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