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Relentless giants


WOOLWORTHS has joined calls to open up the nation’s pharmacy market, saying its submission to the federal Government outlined “billions of dollars” worth of savings for consumers and the Government if the market were deregulated.

So starts this report in The Australian newspaper today.

Woolworths has not joined anything, they are running the campaign. They want pharmacies in their supermarkets and will stop at nothing to achieve this. The story includes this spin from Roger Corbett, Woolworths CEO:

“Eventually over a period of 10 years, probably billions of dollars can be saved for the consumer and the government by deregulating this market,”

Woolworths exists to serve its shareholders. This means they pursue robust profits for shareholders. I have no problem with that. To accept their argument one must accept that they are more efficient than small the small businesses they want to put out of business. That’s nonsense. Corbett should be called to account by journalists when he engages in such spin.

I reckon the Corbett strategy is to get pharmacy products in and use them as loss leaders – you know the game plan: LOOK AT US GOOD GUYS, HELPING YOU CUT THE COST OF LIFE SAVING MEDICINE – luring consumers to pay more for other products with the net saving to consumers close to $0.

Come on journalists. Ask the tough questions and expose the grand plan.

What is at stake here is independent retailer jobs and businesses. Who wants that blood on their hands?

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