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It is time for regulatory controls?


Local councils around Australia exert their authority against property owners in an effort to preserve the heritage of an area. They control new construction and modification in the interests of planning controls.

I’m wondering why such regulation stops at buildings. Why not act on what goes in them – to maintain the community. For example, if a community has a couple of coffee shops does it really need a Starbucks factory? If a community has a locally owned convenience stores does it need a 7-Eleven? If a community has a local grocer, a newsagent, a butcher and a greengrocer does it need a new supermarket with everything under one roof?

My community doesn’t need such development.

I like being able to walk down the street and shop at these independent retailers. I like that the streetscape is not littered with corporate brands which would make my street no different to thousands of others.

Councils might wish to talk to their constituents and draw a line in the sand before every shopping strip is corporatised and we don’t recognise our homes.

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By Mark