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Rebuilding the help desk


We engaged a respected international market reseach company to survey our customers and those of our conmpetitors late last year. We wanted to know how we stacked up. The results were good and we privately backed in the glow of the report for a few weeks. The insight was worth the high cost of the survey.

Armed with a thorough analysis of the survey results and a desire to do even better we have spent the last few weeks redesigning our customer service/support processes. Tomorrow we start with a new program, aimed at delivering better customer contact outcomes more consistetly.

The principles at the heart of our customer service focus are human contact at every step of the way; easy access when it is needed; understandable advice; and honesty.

The main change from tomorrow will be more interventionist traffic management – getting calls to the right person each time. This will better serve customers and make better use of the skills at our disposal.

This is the small business focus at work. We don’t like calling automated answering systems so why implement them here? We don’t like spending more than a minute or two waiting on the phone so why do it here? We don’t like dealing with an impersonal call centre in some foreign land so why do it here?

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