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The paper tidal wave


All of our small business clients are time poor yet their suppliers continue to drown them in paperwork – invoices, promotional literature, to do lists.

We have designed a new tool which is being built into our software called ONE CALENDAR. This is an open access calendar into which suppliers will be invited to feed business specific date based information for use in that business. At the small business end the owner will be able to more easily manage requests for in store promotions, requests for data and other requests. They will be able to allocate employees against projects.

In some businesses we have looked this will reduce ten to do lists to one and with this will come a better opportunity to actually achieve the goals.

Our challenge in pulling this off is at the supplier end – getting them to agree on a common file format and delivery mechanism to our 1,300 or so small business clients. Even though the pay off for them is significant, all they see is frustration at dealing with their internal IT department in trying to deliver what we and their small business clients want.

The more we can do to eliminate time waste in small business the better. Suppliers need to get with prgram and do more than pay lip just service to supporting such initiatives.

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