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The Tower Systems 2005 Fast 3 Award


We take this software business seriously and feel it personally when we see the facilities we have labored over for months and years being abused or, worse, ignored. Good software functionality ignored is something I’ll never understand. Especially in small independent business where good help is hard to find.

We’re on a mission to get our small business user base using more of our software. But we’re taking small steps to start with.

We’re launching the TOWER SYSTEMS 2005 FAST 3 AWARD. This will be an award for the three fastest growing users of our software based on a year on year comparison of transactions and revenue. We could have looked at 10 or 20 or 100 but we want to start slow and work our way up. Look at this contest as foreplay. The main game is a way off yet. We also had to make it easy for our client base to enter.

Once we see how this goes we will have follow-up contest ready to run. Each designed to get our users actually finding out about the data being gathered in their software.

For the TOWER SYSTEMS 2005 FAST 3 AWARD we will be judging based on year on year sales of what we would call non agency lines – that’s sales of real products and services. No soft gambling, no transport tickets, no bill payment. We’re trying to weed out the areas of business which might have received a kick of growth for other (external) reasons. We want to reward growth chased and obtained by the business owner. This goes to the heart of small business.

We see our mission as beyond software developer. We need to lead, cajole and guide our client community to better use our software tools so that they measurably benefit from this in their business.

In reviewing the entries we expect to find some businesses which could use some help along the way and we’re ready with assistance there. This will be in the form of telephone calls and visits to help correct problems we find.

Selfishly we expect to also find some brilliant ideas which we can learn from too. This will be the icing on the cake.

So, the first contest is about comparing trading periods for selected categories. Users of our software can do this easily and quickly using our Monthly Sales Comparison report. We’ll ask them to compare January 1, 2004 through April 30, 2004 with the same period in 2005. We’ll then ask for transaction growth and revenue growth numbers in percentage terms as shown in the variance section of this report. This will be entered online and we’ll then ask the top 3 to send in further data to allow verification.

The winners will receive a certificate, high praise from us and some other token gift we’re yet to determine. This is not about the gift since the prize will be the knowledge of such success and the opportunity to help other like minded small business people to achieve similar success in their businesses.

Our website will have a link for entry early next week.

The contest will run for four weeks.

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