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Our Fast 3 contest uncoverers struggling retailers


It’s always a challenge taking a call from a small business owner who reports their business is going backward.

That happened today. Three times.

In each case they were printing the report necessary to compare Jan-Apr 2004 with 2005 so they could enter our Fast 3 Awards. The results in these three cases was bad news rather than good.

That the business owners were surprised was THE surprise. I expected people would be printing even this basic business comparison report every week or two. I do. I want to see how I’m traveling and therefore quickly address less than acceptable growth.

In these cases the response was one of shock. It must be wrong. Okay if it’s not wrong what can I do? Help!

One of the reasons we created the awards is to get our small business retailers engaging with their software on a deeper level and tracking the performance of their businesses. It’s working. These calls and the entries received are proof of that. Great proof. We’re having good business conversations and getting involved where we are allowed to help address challenging situations. Our own team members are learning from the interaction as well.

We’re taking this seriously and plan to build some additional business training for our software users based on the learnings from the awards.

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By Mark