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Fringe dwellers


In an article at, Tim Robbins is showing his independent streak, is a gem of a quote from Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos.

“Consolidation of media outlets results in more homogenized offerings,” Sarandos said. “And the square footage and limited shelf space of mainline retailers is so valuable that they’re managed closely — stocked with mass-appeal product that squeezes out films like Tim’s. We’re not espousing a political position but providing a platform.”

Bigger means less choice and popularity wins and with this society loses for it’s at the fringe that we are pushed, pulled, shoved and enticed to new views on all manner of things.

If we’re only fed a diet of popular then how boring would be world become?

Independent retailers and small business are vital to our development as a race. They provide more shelf space to those who will enhance humanity. The risks independent retailers take are where a better future lies.

The key is for independent retailers to develop business models which are economically sustainable while at the same time allowing them to be independent.

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