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No one wants to make the first moves


It’s like the dance hall is packed, the air is heavy with anticipation, cool music is playing and the lights are appropriately dim … but no one is on the floor dancing. In the shadows you can see the faces glancing at each other looking to see if someone will go first.

Yep, such is the frustration of a new software update. Even though we’ve got a good track record for stable well tested updates, there is always a delay waiting for the early adopters to do their stuff.

Our update has been in the field for three working days now and while we’re taking calls indicating that it is being installed, the uptake is slow. That no problems have been reported so far is encouraging but it won’t get dancers on the floor.

Tomorrow we’re going to announce a competition for the early adopters. We’re giving away a year of software support for one client who installs the update within the next five eight days. We’re confident of the update and keen for our client base to be enjoying the benefits delivered in the update – hence the opportunity of reward.

It will be interesting to see if the possibility of a carrot works.

Got to go – they’re playing my song.

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By Mark