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Microsoft, McDonalds, Starbucks and our community


McDonalds changes potato supply contracts and is likely to now source half its potato requirements outside Australia. Starbucks (and their ilk) are pushing the better coffee makers (the independents) out of high street and mall locations across Australia. Woolworths wants to grab prescription business from chemists. Microsoft are pushing their Point of Sale software on small business and competing with companies like mine.

Small and independent businesses provide local jobs, locally attuned service, unpredictability (which is to be cherished) and a vital economic role.

Small and independent businesses would not put Tasmanian potato growers out of work. Nor would they control the apple crop as we see happening elsewhere as a result of global corporation control. Nor would they seek undue influence over children at an influential age.

But despite all of this and all of these honorable benefits, small business cannot match big business because we’re weak at working together against the global giants.

The only lesson the global giants will learn from one is the lesson we mete out at the register.

Small business owners, their employees, families and customers should all buy local, keep the jobs local and maintain local culture. We should eschew the once size fits all world of the clone global companies. Our lives will be better for it.

Clonisation of Australia’s shopping malls and high streets is not good for the country.

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By Mark