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ACCC announcement supports independent supermarkets and small business generally


Good to see the ACCC annnouncement July 4 of a charter to promote competitive sales of independent supermarkets. This has been long overdue. According to the ACCC announcement: Under the Charter, Metcash, Woolworths and Coles will not be able to limit the ability of independent supermarket retailers to seek alternative purchasers for their stores. They will also have to provide independent supermarket owners with written notice of this fact when making an offer to purchase a store.

The new charter will make it easier for independents to look for other bids for their businesses when they wish to sell. Supporters of the charter, such as Senator Ron Boswell, say this will help independent supermarket owners. He is quoted at SupplyChain review.

Anything which helps independent small business compete against big business has to be good.

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By Mark