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Freeways hurt independent retailers


We have been analysing shopping basket data for many of our clients, to try and develop current benchmark data for their channel. We’ve poured millions of baskets worth of data into the study to find out what sells with what and through which type of business.

The results are staggering.

For their highest selling product category more than 70% of sales include this item only.

Their highest traffic generator is sold alone more than 70% of the time. Looking back one and two years ago the sold alone percentage was not as high. Over time and as a result of more of the chains getting into the space traditionally occupied by this independent retailer channel, they have become more convenience destinations. Consumers come in to pick up the item rather than to shop the shop.

Okay, that’s business. It’s also a challenge. To them and to us. We’re working on strategies within our software to help the up sell without them having to ask for it across the counter. We’re focused on systemising the up sell through business practices and strategies using our technology so that they can reduce the sold along percentage and improve the efficiency of the business.

We have to tear down the freeways and get consumers meandering the aisles again. That means independents need to focus more on making themselves the brand.

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