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Companies need to serve their community above shareholders


I enjoy the process of recruiting frustrating and time consuming as it is. With each new candidate you are faced with not only the dilemmas you might expect but also the opportunity to make someone’s life better and the opportunity to enhance the culture of the business.

With each hiring decision there are factors beyond the bottom line impact on the business which I weigh up. In a much bigger company, a public corporation for example, these considerations are less likely to be a factor.

I enjoy the risk of recruitment. Interviews are a conversation and more about interaction rather than seeing if a candidate can answer a preset list of questions and achieve the required score on a psych test.

I enjoy the social and emotional changes new people bring to my small software company. I enjoy the opportunity of giving someone a break. I enjoy the challenges which arrive with fresh ideas. Part of what I look for is social balance. As long as you hire people who have a capacity to learn, actual skill level is not always the more important factor.

No amount of legislation or regulation can force a business to consider these things when hiring new people.

The community relies on recruitment with an eye to social obligation even more so than profit motive.

I suggest that it is small business employers who are more likely to live by that social obligation than their corporate competitors.

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