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The smarter they are the faster they grow


In assessing the entrants for our 2005 TOWER SYSTEMS FAST 3 AWARDS I reckon we’re able to prove that the smarter independent retailers are in running their businesses the faster they grow and the more they grow. By smarter I mean how much they use the technology to understand and drive their business. Of course, this is an indicator of greater business acumen and entrepreneurship. However, the extent of use of technology is easy to measure by looking at the quality of data and how it is managed within the structure of the software.

A learning for us from this process comes from the different ways people embrace our point of sale and business management technology. And from the learnings will flow changes in the way we drive the use of our technology.

To have some users of our software, of several years standing, express that they did not know they could do even some basic reporting with our system came as a shock -given the messages in our training, our newsletters and through other forums of communication with our client base.

We’re finding some people who put in the technology because they think they have to but without an understanding that like any tool they have to drive it.

Okay so that’s not a huge surprise.

What is a surprise is that the FAST 3 AWARDS are shaking some of these people out of the trees. And that’s great! It’s an unintended consequence of the awards and we’re enjoying the engagement.

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