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Beyond developing software for independent retailers, a key mission for Tower Systems is to get our users actively engaging with the software for the benefit of their businesses. This is hard work because we’re dealing with small business owners with diverse backgrounds and varying levels of business experience.

We have found that even basic business measurement is not being undertakes. So, we created the FAST 3 AWARDS to recognise the three fastest growing businesses in our user base.

To enter our clients had to produce and analyse one of our management reports and then register via our website.

We are thrilled to be able to announce the winners of our 2005 FAST 3 AWARDS – recognising fast growing newsagencies.

Based on the double digit sales growth achieved between January and May of 2005 compared to the same period in 2004, the winners are:

• Kingscliff Newsagency.

• Bingara Newsagency.

• Glendale Newsagency.

Each of these business has achieved well above industry benchmark growth year on year. They have achieved it in the core categories and as a result of their own marketing and management efforts. They have not relied on centre developments or external factors to grow their business. Brilliant!

Growth is critical to our independent businesses and we salute these three newsagencies for their stellar achievements. Their use of technology to measure their businesses helps makes for better business outcomes.

We know from our research that businesses measuring their own performance are more likely to grow. Hence our focus on motivating our client base to more actively and consistently measure.

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