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Preparing to podcast


We have been playing here with microphones and other devices to see if we can leverage the podcast opportunity to create useful audio. It’s interesting seeing how people react to hearing about what we do compared to reading about it. The engagement is very different and far more personal.

Our plan is to tread warily and see whether we can more effectively reach our existing client base first.

While we have a well established user meeting structure – getting to 60 or 70 cities a year – we feel a need to create a more human connect with people who don’t call our help desk but who would like to know more than they read off the page.

We’re planning several podcasts to introduce new features, discuss the business growth strategies supported by our software and to provide some reasoning behind more complex functions in our software. Given that many of our users are not computer buffs and only use our software out of necessity, we feel that a more human approach to interaction might enhance the customer experience.

Once we have launched these three podcasts we’ll watch the response and use this as a guide to do more or shelve the project.

We anticipate launching our first podcast next week.

The challenge is getting people to talk comfortably and naturally and without waffling!

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