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Podcasts to help train younger employees


Our playing with podcasts has led us to realise another valuable use for this technology – that of training young employees of businesses using our software.

Many employees in the independent retailer marketplace we serve are casual – working a few hours each week.

Keeping them up to date with changes in the technology can be challenging so we’re going to produce several training sessions which they can listen to at their leisure. Since some training is better delivered face to face or at least in front of a computer screen. However, if that’s not possible or practical, this approach might at least impart some valuable information.

Our plan is to create the training and make it available from our website. This way users of our software can point employees to the relevant materials without having to host themselves.

The key is to keep the sessions short and informative and to use technologies they are comfortable with in delivering the training.

The goal is to have employees making better and more accurate use of the software – serving their businesses better. A side benefit ought to be enjoyment form the learning process.

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