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Social responsibility in business


Businesses are required by law or regulation or obligation to have fire wardens, safety officers, employee advocates, first aid officers … indeed all manner of ‘officers’.

But not social responsibility officers.

Now this is not a position I would like to encode in or burden with regulation as such however it is necessary if we are to be serious about being culturally, economically and environmentally responsible.

If we’re going to complain about the global brands of McDonalds, Starbucks, KFC and others sucking the cultural lifeblood from our veins then we in small business need to take active steps to ensure that our business decisions are socially responsible. Not as a marketing ploy but because it’s what we believe in.

I am using the term socially responsible to include culturally, economically and environmentally responsible.

We need to live the difference and not just talk about it. This way we can understand the value for us of being independent and local. It will help us articulate the value better when we are competing with a global brand.

So, we’re looking to appoint (anoint) someone internally as our social responsibility officer.

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By Mark