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Social Responsibility Officer


Further to this post, we have appointed someone as our Social Responsibility Officer – and immediately upon doing so realised that it’s a journey without end and without a roadmap for if we are to be serious about this the ‘officer’ has to have freedom to play across all areas of the business.

So we begin by defining why we have the position and what it’s about. Before we can do that, we have to make sure that those involved are all on the same page in terms of knowledge views. Once person’s sustainability is another person’s squalor – or any other comparison you might care to make.

Our goal in walking this path is to be true to ourselves. It’s one thing to have views of the impact of one size fits all retail, global brands, environmentally sustainable business decisions and social responsibility and another thing altogether to walk that road, head knowing that you have been true to yourself.

One argument often put, including by this writer, is that small business is more socially responsible than big business. It’s time for this business and other small businesses to demonstrate that in a more practical way.

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