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I was surprised to read the names of some companies on the RepuTex Social Responsibility Investment index as reported in the Herald Sun.

The Reputex release says: “The RepuTex SRI Index comprises 44 companies from the S&P/ASX 300 Index that have achieved a RepuTex Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) rating of “A” (satisfactory) or higher. The constituent companies are spread across a broad range of industry sectors.”

From what I can see from information at the RepuTex website, the criteria for gaining a good Corporate Social Responsibility rating is less than clear. For example, there is no indication of community involvement in the assessment. I would have thought that a CSR assessment is as much about assessment by others including the community as it might be about policies and business measurement data.

Small business can own this space of being responsible business owners and operators. Because we’re local, because the owner is closer to the community. Because decisions in large corporations must put the shareholder above all else by virture of their obligations.

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