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Free on site visits make for an exceptional relationship


We’re in the middle of trade show season. Four weeks of trade shows in three cities. It’s great to catch up face to face with clients.

We met someone yesterday whose business is located four hours from our nearest office. He was thrilled that we’d made a courtesy visit (without request from him) a few weeks earlier to see how he was going and answer any questions he had.

We have been making more of these visits this year as part of our oasis strategy. We’re trying to provide experiences for clients with our company akin to time in an oasis. So good you look forward to it and you keep thinking about it after it is over.

In the last month we have had face to face visits with over 150 clients at no cost to them. Each visit providing free training, a free system check, a backup check and a solid Q&A session – usually taking a couple of hours.

While the feedback during the visit is good, the reaction at the trade show yesterday demonstrated the value – well after the visit. It showed that our clients are getting value and that the relationship is more than supplier/client. It also gave us important recognition to encourage more visits.

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