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Social responsibility


We want to demonstrate as practically as possible that a corporation, albeit this small corporation, can demonstrate a social responsibility. We want to show that by supporting our small and independent business the community is better served than by supporting Microsoft or the other national and international brands which compete with us.

We have appointed someone to the position of what we will call social responsibility officer.

Their job is to audit decisions and challenge them when they feel we may be outside good social responsibility. They will consider our decisions and actions in the context of our social responsibility in the areas of:

  • Environment
  • Individual rights
  • Local community
  • Australian economy
  • Ethics
  • Responsible consumerism
  • Culture
  • I recognise that it is one thing to write a few blog entries bemoaning the clonisation of our shopping malls and high streets and to criticise the might of big business against small independent operators and another thing altogether to demonstrate the value of such small businesses.

    Independent and small businesses should not be protected for the sake of it. They have to offer something of value to the community. Hence our effort in terms of social responsibility. While I would suggest we have always been responsible, we now have someone else who is not a shareholder (in the strict sense of that term) making the assessment.

    I expect the result will be debate and some changes along the way.

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    By Mark