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The arrogance of Qantas and how they would go running my software company


I’ve been thinking about my post a couple of days ago about the new $27.00 charge by Qantas for telephone bookings and our journey toward a CRM purchase decision.

If Qantas were running my software company they would charge my customers for using our help desk service in addition to the annual software support fee. The additional charge would be for human contact.

Think about it. I want to fly from Melbourne to Sydney and back and the flights will cost, say, around $600.00. That includes the various government taxes and multiple fuel levies imposed by Qantas. Since they have an online booking service they seem to have the view that I can use that without cost or that I can use their human booking service for $27.00. I find that a human booking can be done in less than 2 minutes. $27.00 for 2 minutes plus their various other surcharges and you see the money which can be made.

If Qantas ran my software company and given that most of the support we provide is available in a self help form, Qantas would be charging my customers at least $135.00 per call since an average call runs for ten minutes. The annual support fee would be the knowledge and the per human call fee would be for those accessing the knowledge using a human.

If Qantas ran my software company they would be out of business in no time. Their arrogant pricing policies would not be acceptable to the small businesses I deal with.

I think we’ll be taking the CRM plunge without any additional charge to our clients and with maintenance of all current human contact for no charge. It’s the way small business operates.

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By Mark