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Transitions in small business


Being a small business (around 40 employees) we get to participate in our fair share of transitions. Employees coming and going, engagements, marriages, births, deaths, divorces, holidays and the other changes to lives. Being a small business we get to notice these transitions more than in bigger companies. I guess it’s a reason I like being part of a small business.

The transitions of employees departing can be bittersweet. There is the loss of the asset yet the joy of watching someone move on and the hope that they have something valuable to take elsewhere which they have learned from their time with you.

Small business plays an important role in giving people a break in their first position in the workforce. More important than that is the opportunity for people to step up into roles which extend their skills and confidence. My sense is that small business provides these opportunities more than big business. We certainly see this as our responsibility. Often the faith in the person stepping up is justified.

While departures unlock a raft of emotions, hindsight, more often than not, leaves me with a sense of pride at what the time with our business has meant to the individual and a sense of thankfulness for the contributions they have made to the company and its community.

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By Mark