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Acer laptop service sucks if you are out of warranty


We have five or six Acer laptops in use within the company and one of these units needs repair work. It’s seventeen months old and out of warranty – we’re happy to pay for the necessary work. The Acer service people told us today that it will take at least five days before the laptop is fixed. They told us that if it was under warranty the repair time would be 24 hours. We understand commercial demands, we offered to pay more to get on their 24 hours turnaround line. No way they say. No amount of escalation was going to shift the five day minimum it seemed.

As a long term customer Acer is treating us as second class citizens.

Acer makes a lot of noise about their 24 hour turnaround on warranty work. It is a reasonable assumption that this is the turnaround they offer after the warranty expires – especially since you are paying for the work. Not so.

Unless Acer changes its tune on this we will not be arming our field force with Acer laptops in the future.


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  • Please let me know what buttons I can push to get them to extend the warranty. My unit is one month past warranty and the backlight ($400 or 50% of the total unit) has gone. They don’t even seem to want to discuss it. Customer Service reps suggest I write a letter. Anyone know the life expectancy of a backlight for Acer’s Aspire 5630? I’m “i”nspired to kick some fanny.

  • I also have a problem with my Aspire laptop.
    16 months old and doesnt do a thing anymore. i think its the power supply and the motherboard. also the same reaction…. out of warranty, will cost me a lot.

    Isnt there a way?

By Mark