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Workplace giving


Good to see the Federal Government getting behind the Corporate Social Responsibility movement and workplace giving in particular. I received a pack with a letter from the Prime Minister, a 12 page colour brochure, a CD of resources and a link to their website on the subject. The website has some excellent resources and valuable links.

As a business new to the CSR path we will welcome all the advice we can get. (New to the extent that we are engaging others here in the journey.) We’ve been looking at the issue of carbon credits or similar to offset the impact of our company vehicle fleet. We’ve received conflicting advice and warnings from environmental experts that paying someone to grow trees in a plantation may be more harmful than valuable. I mention this as an example of the type of issue we’re encountering.

There are businesses established to profit from the pressure on companies to engage in CSR and while that in itself is not ‘worng’ some do so in such a way as to ‘spin’ the social responsibility of their offerings.

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