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Too often the weakest in society bear more than their fair share of costs


Small business, a crucial part of any economy, bears more than its fair share of costs. We pay more for products than big business; put more into in store marketing; provide better and more expensive service; (probably) pay more tax per dollar earned; and give more back to the community.

I was thinking about this today when blogging elsewhere about a decision by Vodafone to cut the commission newsagents earn for selling their product by 37.5%. This is the second cut this year by the big business Vodafone. It’s hurting this small business channel.

It seems to me that small business is hit with such cuts first. We bear the brunt of cutbacks and fee increases. Primarily because we do not have negotiating power. yet we generate more economic benefit.

Newsagents are responding by pulling down Vodafone signage in their stores. A protest is forcing. While I am not sure where I sit with such a protest I can understand the frustration of small business newsagents. Like any small business channel they seem to get the raw end from big business too often.

What Vodafone has done is appalling and greedy. If the face of strong profits they have hit hard at the retail channel which is their face to the consumer. They have seen newsagents invest in infrastructure on the basis of a revenue model and then hacked away at the revenue model. Bad form Vodafone.

This is but one story about big business arrogance against small business. Small business need to fight for itself.

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By Mark