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The perspective of travel


I was in Singapore for most of last week and was reminded of the value of leaving the business for a while to gain perspective. Away, some issues don’t seem as important as they seemed when closer. Other issues seem more so. I find this type of travel, overseas and for a few days, like spring cleaning for what’s on my mind. So, next week will be about refocus, ensuring priorities are right for the run home to the end of the year.

So much of running a software company like ours is about agenda setting, innovating for our chosen marketplaces while at the same time taking care of the core needs. Constantly moving so that the software we develop improves in value. This is crucial to generate the support revenue necessary to feed the infrastructure necessary to provide support.

One of my take aways from this trip is the need to focus more on transactional detail. While some customers like big picture stuff like new reporting tools or deep analysis of their business, for most it is about shaving 100ths of a second off this or that function so that their business is more efficient and so that they can serve their customers better. This time travel has allowed me to see good and bad execution of technology in the retail situation. This is where we can and will help our small business customers.

And Singapore? A wonderful city. Lunch in Little India eating off banana leaf was a treat as was dinner at My Humble House.

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