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Corporate social responsibility index, a common measure by which businesses can be compared



I’ve been thinking about my earlier post on this and have played around (with a graphic designer) with what a label could look like which shows the responsibility index for a business.

Just as manufacturers label processed food to indicate its nutritional value, we could label businesses so we could know if they are good for our community and the environment.

Yes it would be challenging to agree on common measurements. Vested interests would try and spin the measurement process to suit their needs. Consumers need to be in control every step of the way with focus solely on what is best for the community.

It is important to take corporate responsibility out of the equation of measurement of the success of a business and replace this with social responsibility covering the four parameters noted above.

Sure it’s a hard road for business. However if we want to leave something behind beyond our last profit and loss statement it is a road we must travel.

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By Mark