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The Latham Diaries, worth reading



Apropos of nothing which I usually talk about here…

I’ve read The Latham Diaries cover to cover. I’ve also read, seen and heard much of the commentary about the book.

The book is well worth reading, especially the essay at the front of the book. I was surprised that only a few commentators have commented about the essay yet this is what provides context for the diaries and context for how Latham feels today.

I’m not a Labor voter nor do I have any axe to grind with any side of the politics involved. When it comes to Federal politics, I’m an average swinging punter.

This book exposes politicians, media and the cynical self serving political process. The selfishness, lack of intellect and lack of humanity are a shock. The media compliance in publishing spin as reporting, while not entirely unexpected, is disappointing. While I accept that there is some spin in the book, that there has been corroboration of key claims encourages me to believe more of the book.

Mark Latham has done Australian voters a service in publishing this book. I wish we could have such a frank expose from the other side of politics. Then we could clean the parliament out and start again. Latham was as bad as the others while he was in parliament – playing the game and not believing enough to be open with the constituency.

While I am disillusioned with Australian politics and those who represent us, on all sides, I am pleased to have this insight which until now was unavailable to me.

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