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The shop floor is a leveling experience


I own a software company and a retail business with two stores. I spent over three hours today (Saturday) on the shop floor doing regular retail stuff: answering questions; serving customers; cleaning and staking shelves. It’s good leveling work. After three hours my body felt like it had been working for a full day, I was ready for a break.

Every single thing I did on the shop floor today related back to what we do in our software company in some way. I come away from these real life experienced more committed to saving time, streamlining processes in the software, improving the employee and therefore the customer experience and finding ways for independent small businesses to continue to act personally yet to act with more consistency.

This time in the retail business is like time in a client’s business. It is part of our social responsibility as a software company to strengthen the connect with our clients and to understand their needs.

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By Mark