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Wal-Mart hate coverage


Wal-Mart is copping a bagging from all round the place and while that may not be unusual for a company this size, the stories in the last week are particularly strong. From MSNBC: Wal-Mart’s Giant Sucking Sound; from the Manteca Bulletin: 50 join forces to stop Wal-Mart. There are many more like these and the giant behemoth pursues growth.

I have no problem with a business pursuing growth. However, when a business is the size of Wal-Mart it has obligations. It’s entry into a community kills businesses for sure. Government has an obligation to ensure social and economic balance. This is why our government should be looking at work being done in the UK and the US in this area.

When a community says it does not want a national or international retailer moving in the government should listen.

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By Mark