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Finding good employees


We’re about to start looking for someone to join our help desk to fill a vacancy created as a result of a promotion (always a good thing). I’ve started playing with the text for an ad and it struck me how frustrating it has become. I bet that within 7 days of placing the ad online I’ll have more then 200 applications. Most will be lazy applications – a resume sent by an applicant direct via Seek. No cover letter, no effort checking the detail of the ad to make sure they are a good fit.

I reckon we’re ready to move beyond resumes and into vacancy ad responses that use some of the rich tools people have easy access to. Anything to make the short listing process more certain. So I’m toying with establishing some rules and refusing all resumes.

I want to hear and see candidates talk. I want to see their answers to some questions. How they communicate and their interest in some topics is of more value to me at this stage than anything a resume can tell me.

Then tonight in a fast food drive thru line I realised that I really should do is poach someone. You know, see the perfect candidate and see if they’d be interested. In the type of role we have attitude, communication and focus are key. Knowledge used in undertaking the work can le learnt whereas the other three skills cannot. So, in this drive thru line I encountered the ideal candidate. Multi tasking, happy, customer focused and he left me with the feeling that he meant what he said – none of the usual drop as they step through the corporate 10 point sales dance. The trouble is that I was out of the line and on the way home when I realised I’d missed an opportunity to ask if he was looking for a career change.

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