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Dragon’s Den renewing interest in entrepreneurship


I haven’t seen the Network 7 Dragon’s Den TV show yet but plenty of people have told me to see it. Entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to the ‘dragons’ inviting them to invest. I am intrigued that so many people have told me to see the show. They go on to talk about specific ideas pitched and why they would or would not work. Some then go on to tell me their ideas for a business. [I guess they’re talking to me thinking I would be into the show – I’m not that much of a TV watcher – as I own three businesses and am close to the launch of my biggest and scariest start up yet.]

If my experience is anything to go by, Dragon’s Den is awakening entrepreneurial discussion and motivation like nothing I’ve encountered in recent years. This has to be good for business and for the economy. Getting people to make their dream a reality encourages others to dust off their ideas for a business. Anything to boost confidence in entrepreneurship.

Just when I thought the majors were stifling the entrepreneurial spirit along comes something like this. Well done Dragon’s Den – I promise to watch next week.

Starting a business from scratch is enormously challenging no matter how big or small. The emotional and personal stakes are always high. To have more people understanding of these and how much of oneself is put on the line is good. It humanises the business birthing journey.

What would be interesting to me is some kind of knockout tournament (on TV) based around entrepreneurial skills among some of the people featured on Dragon’s Den and some big business people. Let’s see who has the strongest passion for building businesses and the best strategy.

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By Mark