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Flying with OzJet the new business class airline


It’s good to see more competition for business air travel in Australia. Not before time. Qantas service has dropped significantly since Ansett (remember Ansett?) collapsed four years ago. Last week OzJet launched.

Yesterday I flew to Sydney and back wit OzJet. The flights were on time. Inside every passenger has a business class seat. That means more room to work. No sitting with your knees around your ears. No cracked laptop screens when the person in front reclines to lay on top of you. So, better seating than Qantas business class.

The food, not that I usually eat plane food, was good. Better quality than Qantas. Easily better. The coffee was drinkable as well!

The in flight service was friendly. I got a sense from every person that they were pleased I’d made the decision to travel with OzJet. Not like Qantas where it is hit and miss. OzJet feels like a small airline and I quite like that. I’d expect a good connect with small business.

I had a full fare ticket and it was around half the price of a Qantas business class ticket. On a discount ticket it would have cost me less than a Qantas economy ticket.

The only gripe I had was the noise. I’d forgotten that the 737 planes are noisy. But I soon zoned out on that.

I’m glad OzJet are having a crack not only for selfish reasons but to also pressure Qantas to life their game. I will certainly fly OzJet again and soon.

I have no commercial interest in OzJet whatsoever.

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By Mark